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Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk

Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk

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Rainbow moonstone is a whitish gemstone with soothing and meditative properties. Some believe that rainbow moonstone has the following metaphysical properties:

Balance - Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony, and hope

Creativity - Rainbow moonstone is believed to enhance creativity, compassion, endurance, and inner confidence

Intuition - Rainbow moonstone is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception

Calming - Rainbow moonstone is believed to be greatly calming to those struggling with stress

Wealth - Rainbow moonstone is believed to attract wealth, be it material, emotional, spiritual, or even a wealth of knowledge

Vitality - Rainbow moonstone is believed to be an excellent stone for improving vitality due to its high vibes

Right brain stimulation - Rainbow moonstone is believed to stimulate the right side of the brain to encourage nonlinear thinking and emotional balance

Rainbow moonstone is also associated with fertility, nourishment, and love. It is considered a master healer for women and is best suited for the zodiac sign, Cancer.

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